maandag 25 maart 2013

Samba music.

It was 2 months ago that I received a mail from a producer in Brazil. The producer first gave me some compliments about my Youtube channel and I'm always happy when people enjoy my video's! That's why I make the lessons...
Anyway, he asked me if I could make 6 arrangements for samba in different styles. He mentioned samba schools like Mangueira, Salgueiro, Mocidade ect. The duration of the compositions had to be 4 minutes.
I was really surprised that he came to me with this, because he is living in Sao Paulo and in Sao Paulo you have lot of composers, percussion players, batucada groups and studio's! So why me? Of course I was really glad that a Brazilian producer came to a Dutch guy to ask him to record Brazilian music. But it funny if you think about it.
He gave me 2 weeks to complete it! So, for 2 weeks I lived in my studio, writing, recording and mixing samba!! The first 4 arrangements came quick, I had enough ideas to make nice music, but the last 2 (when you ran out of ideas) were more hard work! I was looking in books, watching youtube and so on, to get ideas and making the last pieces. In the end I even put berimbao in samba music! And it sounded great!
After 2 weeks I couldn't hear any samba anymore and this was during the carnival!!!!

It was a relief when I finished the job. I send the music to Brazil and luckily the producer was very happy! At this time he is making dance video's of it, which will be posted on websites. He will send me the end result and perhaps I'll post it here!
Now it's time for some Cuban percussion!!

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