maandag 18 juni 2012

O Batuque Carioca

Last week somebody send me this book as a pdf-file. This book is called: O batuque Carioca. Actually, I already had this book but I lost it. So I was glad that it was send to me. Of course the request was or if could make some tutorials from this book on Youtube.
Well, this a great book with a lot of information over sambaschools in Rio. There is also much info about the Brasilian batucada instruments like, caixa, cuica, tamborim, chocalho, surdos ect. For me a great inspiration, written by excellent percussionist, Guilherme Gonçalves and Mestre Odilon Costa.
I immediately started filming a lesson. I also had a request about more caixa-patterns so I made a combination of this lesson. In the beginning this lesson looks simple, but the patterns are not that easy to play when the tempo is getting faster....
Well anyway, I will post more lessons from this book and I hope it will be enjoyed by you all!
Have fun with it!
You can find it on my channel: mdm2230
(Samba patterns for caixa/ tutorial)