donderdag 18 oktober 2012

Percussion recording microphones.

Recording percussion can be a difficult job. The range of percussion instruments is enormous! Also the volume of a percussion instrument differs a lot. An udu drum is not as loud as a repinique, for instance.
If you look on Youtube for percussion teachers, you can find a lot of good ones. Unfortunately not every teachers is able to use good microphones... Most of them use the microphone from the videocamera or worse, from the cellphone. Those microphones are an insurance for bad quality.
When I started recording at home, I used a Shure sm57 and it does a really good job. Luckely this tool is not too expensive!
After a while I wanted a better quality, because my ears also developed and I noticed that the Shure couldn't pick every sound. I needed more nuance from a microphone.
Now I work with Neumann km 184 and they deliver a great quality for most of my instruments! I even record classical guitars with it. I don't give guitar lessons, but if I could, I would use these microphones.
There are some instruments that need an other microphone. Instruments like the African djembe, which has a lot of sub low sounds, or surdo's and bass drums with lots of low pressure!
For these instruments I use a DPA 4007. This piece of tool handles the pressure easily. I have to say that it is very expensive.... The air vibrations when playing a bass tone on a djembe or an udu drum is no problem for this mike. If you have the right speakers, you can hear and feel the vibrations!
For the vocals I use Neumann TLM 103 which is a fine microphone too. Sometimes I sing Yoruba songs in my online music lessons, so I can create a complete atmosphere of a rhythm and its background. If you ever take a flight to Cuba or Brasil you will be well prepared!
Well with this good equipment I know that if my lessons on youtube don't sound good, that I am the problem and not my microphones....

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